My Favorite Holiday is Almost Here!

Fall is almost here, along with my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!  (Oops, it might be tied with Christmas)…

Anyhow – pumpkins (kürbisse in German), pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice…whatever.   With cooler great weather and the upcoming holidays, it all begins with Halloween.

Last year was a festive, frightful and fun evening on Alameda Avenue.  Our street was bustling with cute trick or treaters — so, needless to say, I look forward to this upcoming Halloween.

Herb hung out at “Scruffy”, our old cottage and handed candy through the Dutch door.  Our overnight guest in “Pinkman”, the newer cottage got into the action, handing out candy and engaging the young ghouls.  I, of course, stayed in the main house cooking dinner and running to hand out candy in between. What fun it was!

This season I will don a costume, probably something more vintage than scary.  I think I’ll put on my vintage Endora dress.  For those younger than 45, Endora was Samantha’s mom in the TV series”Bewitched.”  You know,  the one with the long tails from the shoulder.  I can’t wait!  I picked up the dress in Lexington KY from a thrift shop a few years back.

Now that the gardens have grown in I can add to them with scary features or creatures.

I’ve attached some photos from last year.

P.S. Did I mention that last season Herb had to go back to the store for more candy?!

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