Make your holiday a relaxing and joyful time by knowing as much as possible about our wonderful cottages before you arrive.

Check out our Pinky & Scruffy Quick Manual below so you know what to expect during your vacation. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any special needs or questions about the cottages. 

Thank you, Herb and Darla!

Need to know
Call or text us at(941) 877-1496
(No landline in the cottages)
Email us atsrqcottages@gmail.com
Local InfoNeighborhood website
Emergency Dial911
Sarasota County Fire Dept(941) 316-1199
Sarasota Police Dept(941) 316-1199
Sarasota County Sheriff (941) 861-5800
Sarasota Memorial Hospital(941) 917-9000
Household Matters
Wireless NetworkWiFi is free in both cottages. When you book we'll send you the access codes.
TelephoneWe don’t have a phone in the cottages.  If you need to make a landline call, ring the bell next door (at 2445 Alameda).  If we’re home, you can use our phone! 
Check In
Check Out
4 P.M.
10 A.M.
Trash & RecyclingTrash and recyclables pickup is on Monday.

There is a trash bin and 2 recyclable bins located in between the cottages.

Please don’t use plastic bags for items placed in the recycling bins and close the lid all the way.
Water and SewerWe are on the Sarasota water system. We’ve added a “whole house” water softener and dual function charcoal and particulate filter.
Using the toiletWhile the sewer system is very effective, the toilet can clog up if you flush anything other than toilet paper down the pipes…so please, do not discard any tampons, paper towels or any other foreign matter in the toilet.
LaundryPlease only use “HE” high-efficiency detergent. Regular detergent will create a suds problem that may necessitate a repair to the washer.

The dryer operates more efficiently and dries clothes more quickly if you check and empty the screen before beginning the drying cycle.
Gas GrillThere is a spare LP tank stored in the shed to the rear of Cottage “A”.  You can exchange your empty tank with the spare. 

To operate the grill, first rotate the valve on the LP tank clockwise.  Please do the reverse after each use.  

When cooking please keep an eye on the grill and don’t let any unattended kids near it.  The exterior cover and body get very hot.  

After you’ve finished, please clean the grill thoroughly: it’s much more difficult to remove the residue if it has been burned on through repeated heating cycles. 
To make life easyIn a deliberate attempt to make your stay as comfortable as possible you'll find an iron and ironing board, hair dryer and vacuum cleaner in the cottages.
SafetySmoke detectors, a fire extinguisher, a flashlight and a first aid kit is provided in each cottage.
Finally we ask...The cottages are on the beach. There will be sand! To minimize bringing it into the house you may want to rinse off your feet with the garden hose located at the rear of the cottage. Thanks!